Minutes: February 7, 2019

Approved changes/courses:

BIOL101L – Concepts of Biology Lab

Department of Honors in ECON Program Change

Financial Economics Program Change

Economics Program Change

ECON422 – Topics in Econometrics

ECON486 – Topics in Economic Development

ECON493 – Independent Research in Economics

Minor in Finance Program Change

Minor in Global Economics

Minor in Economic Policy

Minor in Mathematical & Quantitative Economics

Certificate in Finance

GES443 – Urbanization and Development in a Global Context

   Academic Program Proposal to Offer Existing Program at the Universities at Shady Grove

Courses held until 2/14/19 for review:

PHIL430 – (New) Decision Theory

SOWK311 – Introduction to Field Experince in Social Work

SOWK376 – (New) Intimate Partner Violence, A Global Perspective

Visual Arts, Animation Concentration BA

Academic Program Reviews:

     **History APR – (B. Feeser) Approved

     **Dance APR – (C. Hody) – Will review 2/14/19

Approved Year Three Reviews:

     Information Systems 



Approved Certificates:

   UDC – Management of Aging Services