Postings: May 7, 2020

Courses for review:

AGNG315 – Health and the Aging Process (new)

AGNG315 Syllabi

IS202 – Systems Analysis Methods (change)

IS296 – Foundations of Data Science (new)

IS464 – Telemedicine in Trauma Care (change)

IS470 – Software Testing (new)

IS Minor

IS BTA Change

MCS322 – Media and Communication Studies 322: Cultures of Surveillance (new)

MCS322 Syllabi

MLL335 – Modern China: Culture, Society, and Environment (new)

  MLL335 Syllabi

MUSC122 – Gospel Choir (new)

NSCI396 – Communication for Emerging Scientists II (new)

  NSCI396 Syllabi

Discontinue PRAC098B

PRAC098B Support Letter

Tabled courses that have received revisions:

DANC230 – Improvisation (change)

DANC330 – Dance Composition I (change)

DANC335 – Independent Projects in Choreography (change)

  DANC335 Syllabi

DANC Major Requirements