Postings: September 3, 2020

Held over from May:

AGNG315 – Health and the Aging Process (new)

AGNG315 Syllabi

IS BTA Change

GWST379 cross list letter of support

MCS322 – Media and Communication Studies 322: Cultures of Surveillance (new)

MCS322 Syllabi

MLL335 – Modern China: Culture, Society, and Environment (new)

  MLL335 Syllabi

NSCI396 – Communication for Emerging Scientists II (new)

  NSCI396 Syllabi

Academic Program Reviews:

**Asian Studies – Assigned to Elizabeth Feeser

**MLLIC – Assigned to Bambi Chapin

**Mechanical Engineering (Undergrad) – To be assigned

**AMST – To be assigned

Courses for Review:

ART305 – Introduction to Cinematic Arts (Change)

ART314 – Drawing II (Change)

ART315 – Intermediate Narrative Production (Change)

ART320 – Introduction to Printmaking (Change)

ART331 – Graphic Design I: Image, Sign and Symbol (Change)

ART334 – Graphic Design IV: Word and Image (Change)

ART342 – Film/Video Theory & Criticism (Change)

ART346 – Intermediate Documentary Production (Change)

ART360 – Mixed Media Book Arts (Change)

ART361 – Digital Darkroom (Change)

ART362 – Black and White Photography (Change)

ART364 – Studio Photography (Change)

ART365 – Photography in Multimedia Environments (Change)

ART366 – Documentary Photography (Change)

ART367 – Alternative Processes (Change)

ART369 – Topics in Photography (Change)

ART370 – Silkscreen Printing (Change)

ART375 – Photo/Digital Processes in Print Media (Change)

ART383 – Sound Design (Change)

ART431 – Graphic Design III: Human Environmental Design (Change)

ART435 – Topics in Film/Video (Change)

ART461 – Advanced Photographic Compositing (Change)

ART462 – Entrepreneurial Practices in Photography (Change)

ART465 – Intermedia Studio (Change)

ART Program changes

BIOL BA Program Change

BIOL BS Program Change

BIOL495 – Seminar in Bioinformatics (Change)

BTEC495 – Professional Internship and Project-based Research Experience (Change)

BTEC495 Syllabi

Business Technology Administration, BA

Information Systems , BS

Computing Science Minor Prog change (REVISION)

Letter of Support

CMSC Minor

ECON310 BA Economics

ECON320 – Quantitative Methods for Management (Change)

ECON363 – Sports Economics and Finance (Change)

ECON374 – Financial Management (Change)

ECON403 –  Economic Growth and Cycles (Change)

ECON421 – Introduction to Econometrics (Change)

ECON423 – Time Series and Forecasting (Change)

ECON467 – Health Economics (Change)

ENTR Minor Program Change

BS in Financial Economics Program Change

GLBL460 – MLLI____: Global Stories (New)

Letter of Support

HIST379 – Art and Power in Japan: 1600 – Present (New)

MCS396 –  Television Production Techniques II (Change)

Social Work Program Change

HAPP BA to Public Health name change

UDC Web Development name change