Agenda: December 15, 2016

1. APR Reviews

Undergraduate Education

2. Courses to be approved

AMST – Asian American Studies Minor Proposal

ENCH310 – Environmental Chemistry (Change)

ENME220 – Mechanics of Materials (Change)

ENME408 – Selected Topics of Engineering Design (Change)

ENME412 – Mechanical Design for Manufacturing and Production (Change)

ENME444 – Mechanical Engineering Systems Design (Change)

FREN310 – Interconnections:  Language Behavior

GCSP302 – Grand Challenges Program (New)

GCSP302 – Grand Challenges Program (New Syllabus)

MLL334 – Modern Chinese Poetry (New)

MLL334 – Modern Chinese Poetry (Syllabus)

PSYC342 – Psychology of Aggression and Antisocial Behavior

VAPHOTOMINOR –  Visual Arts, Photography Concentration Minor (Change)

3. Tabled courses that have received revisions

 SOWK397 – earlier pending the pre-req language.