Minutes: February 15, 2024

UGC Meeting Minutes

February 15, 2024

Attendees: Eric Abele, Katie Birger, Mia Blackston, Carmen Cain, Chesne Coombs, Lili Cui, Elizabeth Feeser, Cynthia Hody, Amanda Knapp, Nicole Seabolt D’Augustine, Richard Sponaugle, Gary Williams

Approved Course and Program Proposals

The Undergraduate Council has approved the course and program changes listed below. Log into Curriculog to view course descriptions.

New Course Request

  • LAS – 220 – Service Learning in the Arts I

Program Change Request

  • Modern Languages and Linguistics Minor
  • Music Education, B.A.
  • Public Health, B.A.
  • Theatre, B.A.

Course Change Request

  • PBHL – 300 – Research Methods in Health


  • MUSC – 210 – Musicianship Laboratory III


  • MCSApproved


“Guidelines for minors” – This was discussed in UGC meeting