Minutes: August 31, 2023

UGC Meeting Minutes

August 31, 2023

Attendees: Eric Abele, Katie Birger, Mia Blackston, Carmen Cain, Lili Cui, Elizabeth Feeser, Pamela Hawley, Cynthia Hody, Erin Hogan, Nicole Seabolt, Richard Sponaugle, Jennifer Volpe, Gary Williams


Election of UGC Chair:

  • Approved to re-elect Elizabeth Feeser as (2023-2024) UGC Chair

Pam Hawley:

  • Recommended Transfer Program submission to MHEC
    • One of the new regulations in COMAR, as a result of the “Transfer with Success Act” is when new programs that require MHEC approval are being sent to MHEC for that review.
    • One piece of supporting information that should accompany the proposal is a sample of the recommended transfer program.
    • With this new process, while departments are submitting new programs and going through this process for the program approval, they will be expected to work with the articulation team.
    • B. Wells in the Provost office has updated this information in program development guidelines that are published on the Provost website.
  • Expectations for handling of individual course information in requirements-based prerequisites
    • There are a few course prerequisites that are built from a small set of courses are a requirement or a course list.
    • There’s been a disconnect that when something new is approved that impacts that requirement, making sure those requirements get updated in what needs to happen.
    • P. Hawley’s department would like to work to develop something in the administrative processes that allows departments to alert P. Hawley’s department when those approvals regarding that prerequisites are received. This will help make sure that processes are being completed from start to finish as those requirements are being changed.
    • Vote to allow the Registrars Office continuance handling of things covered by language being already approved:
      • Approved
  • GWST BA– name change to Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies
    • Approved

Approved Course and Program Proposals

The Undergraduate Council has approved the course and program changes listed below. Log into Curriculog to view course descriptions.

Course Change Request

ART – 331 – Graphic Design I

ART – 332 – Digital Design I

ART – 333 – Typography I

ART – 334 – Graphic Design II

ART – 336 – Digital Design I

ART – 337 – Typography II

ART – 434 – Digital Design III

ART – 462 – Professional Practices

IS – 125 – Information Systems Logic and Structured Design

IS – 147 – Introduction to Computer Programming

IS – 295 – Intermediate Business Applications

PBHL – 202 – Introduction to Environmental Health

Program Change

Emergency Health Services, B.S.

Course Inactivation

POLI – 405 – Seminar in Political Science

POLI – 499 – Selected Topics in American Foreign Policy

Sent Back

ENES – 101- Introduction to Engineering

IS – 300 – Management Information Systems

PHED – 202 – Introduction to Health Behaviors

Visual Arts, B.F.A.