Minutes: November 5, 2020

Attendees:  E. Feeser, R. Sponaugle, B. Tighe, T. Worchesky, K. Birger, D. Wentz, C. Cain, B. Spore, C. Hody, G. Williams, A. Knapp, S. Young, B. Chapin, J. Cullen, K. Joseph.

Approved Courses:

ENGL392 – Tutorial in Writing (change)

**MLLIC – Assigned to Bambi Chapin

**Mechanical Engineering (Undergrad) – Assigned to Steven Young

Tabled courses:

CMPE450 – Capstone I (change)

CHEM406/606 – Bioinorganic Chemistry (change)

Letters of Support

Philosophy Program Change

PHIL400 – Independent Study in Philosophy (change)

PSYC300 – Psychology Takes on the Media (new)


Items for discussion:

Deadline for Fall Catalog is March 9th Faculty Senate meeting.  This will mean that the February 4th UGC meeting will be the recommended deadline for full consideration

UGC’s process for handling APR’s

Courses not subject to APR’s