Minutes: November 2, 2023

UGC Meeting Minutes

November 2, 2023

Attendees: Eric Abele, Katie Birger, Mia Blackston, Carmen Cain, Lili Cui, Zak Fatih, Elizabeth Feeser, Cynthia Hody, Erin Hogan, Laszlo Korossy, Emmanuela Otunuga, Nicole Seabolt D’Augustine, Richard Sponaugle, Jennifer Volpe, Gary Williams, Manav Vaishnav

Approved Course and Program Proposals

The Undergraduate Council has approved the course and program changes listed below. Log into Curriculog to vie course descriptions.

New Course Request

  • ARCH – 365 – Experimental Archaeology of the Global Ancient and Medieval Eras
  • MLL – 450 – Seminar in French Studies

Program Change

  • Modern Languages and Linguistics, B.A. – (MLL-Russian 1)
  • Modern Languages and Linguistics, B.A. – (MLL-Russian 2)
  • Russian Certificate – (Change in Russian 321)


History  – Approved

IS – Approved


Name Change

EHS – Approved