Minutes: October 8, 2020

Attendees:  E. Feeser, T. Worchesky, C. Hody, C. Cain, K. Birger, R. Sponaugle, D. Wentz, K. Joseph, G. Williams, B Spore, A. Knapp, B. Tighe, B. Chapin, J. Cullen

Approved Courses:

ART305 – Introduction to Cinematic Arts

ART314 – Drawing II

ART315 – Intermediate Narrative Production

ART320 – Introduction to Printmaking

ART342 – Film/Video Theory & Criticism

ART360 – Mixed Media Book Arts

ART361 – Digital Darkroom

ART362 – Black and White Photography

ART364 – Studio Photography

ART365 – Photography in Multimedia Environments

ART367 – Alternative Processes

ART370 – Silkscreen Printing

ART375 – Photo/Digital Processes in Print Media

ART431 – Graphic Design III: Human Environmental Design

ART465 – Intermedia Studio

Minor in Computing

CMSC487 – Introduction To Network Security

MUSC338 – Survey of Jazz (course activation)

BS in Jazz Studies 

Other initiatives held over to next meeting:

AMST Year Three Review

GERO Year Three Review

ENGL Year Three Review

Discussion about approval of curricular changes.