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Agenda: December 3, 2015

1. Approve minutes from November 12, 2015 meeting.

2. Current Postings

CMPE 349 – Introduction to Professional Practice (Change: Credits)

Computer Engineering (Program Change)

CMSC 426 – Principles of Network Security (Change: Prerequisite)

Computer Science (Program Change)

EDUC 412M – Introduction to Middle Level Teaching and Learning (New)

EDUC 430 – Integrated STEM Content and Pedagogy (New)

EDUC 454 – Phase I Internship Seminar for Middle School STEM Teachers (New)

EDUC 466 – School, Family, and Community Partnerships for Middle Grades STEM Success (New)

HIST 400/600 – From Black Power to Black Lives Matter: The Black Freedom Struggle in the Post-Civil Rights Period (New)

MCS 144 – Professional Communication and Development (New)

SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II (Change: Description)

NAVY 100 – Introduction to Naval Science (New)

PHIL 320 – Topics in the History of Philosophy (Change: Prerequisite & Description)

PHIL 321 – History of Philosophy: Ancient (Change: Prerequisite)

PHIL 322 – History of Philosophy: Modern (Change: Prerequisite)

PHIL 327 – American Pragmatism (Change: Prerequisite)

PHIL 334 – Asian Philosophy (Change: Prerequisite)

PHIL 345 – Philosophy of Language (Change: Prerequisite, Repeatable & Description)

PHIL 346 – Deductive Systems (Change: Title, Prerequisite & Description)

PHIL 350 – Ethical Theory (Change: Prerequisite)

PHIL 355 – Political Philosophy (Change: Prerequisite & Description)

PHIL 356 – Philosophy of Law (Change: Prerequisite)

PHIL 368 – Aesthetics (Change: Prerequisite)

PHIL 371 – Epistemology (Change: Prerequisite & Description)

PHIL 372 – Philosophy of Science (Change: Prerequisite & Description)

PHIL 373 – Metaphysics (Change: Prerequisite)

PHIL 380 – Philosophy of Mind (Change: Prerequisite & Description)

PHIL 394 – Philosophy of Biology (Change: Prerequisite)

PHIL 454 – Animals and the Environment: Moral Theory and its Application (Change: Prerequisite & Description)

PSYC 444 – Psychology of Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity (New)

Writing Intensive Requirements (Program Change)

3. Revised Postings Received from Departments

MUSC 252 – Music in Wartime (New) – revised

PHIL 399 – Topics in Philosophy (Change: Prerequisite & Description) – revised

PHIL 399b – Topics in Philosophy (Change: Course Number, Prerequisite & Description) – revised\

PHIL 420 – Advanced Topics in 19th and 20th Century European Philosophy (Change: Recommended Course Preparation, Prerequisite & Description) – revised

PHIL 452 – Advanced Topics in Ethics (Change: Recommended Course Preparation & Description) – revised

PHIL 454 – Animals and the Environment: Moral Theory and its Application (Change: Course Number, Formal Title, Prerequisite & Description) – revised

PHIL 471 – Freedom, Determinism and Responsibility (Change: Formal Title, Recommended Course Preparation & Prerequisite) – revised

PHIL 472 – Advanced Topics in the Philosophy of Science (Change: Recommended Course Preparation, Prerequisite & Description) – revised

PHIL 481 – Ancient Philosophy (Change: Title, Recommended Course Preparation, Prerequisite & Description) – revised

PHIL 498 – Advanced Topics in Philosophy (Change: Recommended Course Preparation, Prerequisite & Description) – revised

PHIL 499 – Advanced Topics in Philosophy (Change: Recommended Course Preparation, Prerequisite & Description) – revised

4. Policy and Procedural Updates – Ongoing discussion

Proposed Arbitrary and Capricious Grading Procedures   and Detailed Comparison Chart (this topic has already gained the support of the ASAC, ASEC, UPDs and the CODs and is scheduled as follow-up informational item on the Nov 2nd COD agenda. Also, Faculty Senate has been consulted throughout the process).

Proposed Honors Eligibility Requirements (this topic has been supported by the ASAC, ASEC, UPDs and is scheduled to be presented at the Nov 2nd COD meeting to determine next steps)

Also, some background reading related to a Credit Hour Policy:

SAMPLE Credit Hour Policy – From Loyola University

COMAR regulation

MSCHE Credit Hour Policy

MSCHE Degree and Credit Guidelines

5. Tabled Postings waiting on responses from Departments

The UGC discussed and tabled the following courses from 11/12/2015 meeting:

ART 461 – Advance Photographic Compositing (New) The UGC tabled the course because all 400 level courses need at least recommended or prerequisite listed. Also, from the syllabus is was not clear what the assignments in the class consist of or how they will be graded. The department has been requested to indicate which assignments are written, which are visual, and how they will be assessed.

ART462 – Entrepreneurial Practices in Photography (New) – The UGC tabled the course because it was not happy with the prerequisites or the determination that students must be juniors or seniors to take the class. Since some students use AP credits and come in with 45 credits, it is better for departments to mandate students take certain classes. Also, the Registrar’s Office can not use “300” or “400” level classes in any discipline as a prerequisite. The UGC suggested to the department that they build “junior or senior standing” into the schedule of classes and add a “reserve capacity,” thereby determining that a certain number (or all) seats must be reserved for juniors or seniors. This can be changed by the department, and thus does not have to come through the UGC. Finally, the UGC would like to know what the “team assignments” are and how will the instructor assess them?

VART – Photography Concentration BA (Program Change) – The UGC tabled the two program changes because ART 461 and ART 462 were listed in both.

VART – Photography Concentration BFA (Program Change)

The UGC discussed and tabled the following courses from 10/15/2015 meeting:

ARCH 330 – Archaeology of Bronze Age Greece (Change: Course Number, Formal Title, Transcript Title & Description) – The UGC tabled the course because the course number is not available for use. The department can use 309 or 311.

The UGC discussed and tabled the following courses from 9/17/2015 meeting:

POLI 372 – Understanding Transitioning Nations: Study Abroad in Poland (New) – The UGC requested that the Department updated the course proposal and received support from the Study Aboard Program.

POLI 468 – Disaster Politics (New) – Revised – The UGC tabled the course because there is no breakdown of how the assignments are weighted. The department mentions a “heavy emphasis on discussion,” but provide no sense of how you will measure and assess that participation. The UGC would like for the department to add a section to the syllabus that explains the various components of the students’ grades and how they will be weighted and assessed. Also, it is our understanding that every 400-level POLI class should have a significant writing component, but you mention only a midterm and final. How will you incorporate the writing?

POLI 476 – State and Societal Transition in Post-Communist Europe: Study Abroad in Poland (New)