Agenda: February 2, 2017

Programs for re-review:

UDC Cybersecurity(from CSEE)

Current Postings:

ART331 – Image, Sign & Symbol (Change)

ART332 – Design and Technology I (Change)

ART333 – Typography I (Change)

ART422 – Social Entrepreneurship in Place (Change)

ENCH410/ ENCE610 – Petition to cross list

ENGL218 – (formally presented as ENGL215) Remix Culture and Composing (New)

ENGL218 – (Syllabus)

ENGL220 – Composing Disability (New)

ENGL220 – (Syllabus)

ENGL300 – Communication and Technology: Analysis of Texts and Contexts(Change)

ENGL353 – Rhetorical Theory(Change)

ENGL379 – Principles and Practices in Technical Communication(Change)

ENGL394 – Technical Editing(Change)

ENGL407 – Language in Society(Change)

ENGL409 – Advanced Topics and Genre Studies(Change)

ENGL411 – Advanced Topics in Literary History (Change)

ENGL416 – Advanced Topics in Literature and Other Arts(Change)

ENGL435 – Digital Humanities(Change)

ENGL480 – Seminar in Advanced Journalism(Change)

GCSP302 – Emergency approval (approved by committee)

GWST300 –  Methodologies in Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies

HIST349 – History of American Veterans(New)

PHIL479 – Paradoxes (New)

PHIL479 – Paradoxes Syllabis

PHIL474 – Possible Worlds(New)

PHIL474 – Possible Worlds Syllabis

PHIL475 – Irrationality (New)

PHIL475 – Irrationality Syllabis

POLI220 –  – The U.S. Constitution: Where It Came From and What It Says (Change)

POLI349 – Environmental Politics (Change)

POLI350 –  The Policy-Making Process (Change)

POLI354 –  Public Management and Personnel Systems (Change)

POLI377 –   Latin American Politics (Change)

POLI385 –  International Security (Change)

POLI390 –  American Foreign Policy (Change)

POLI395 – National Security Policy of the United States (Change)

POLI423 – Presidential Elections (Change)

POLI425 – U.S. Campaigns and Elections (Change)

POLI432 – Civil Rights (Change)

POLI446 –  The Politics of Poverty and Social Welfare Policy (Change)

POLI467 – Comparative Foreign Policy (Change)

POLI472 –  Modern Indian Politics (Change)

POLI484 – Politics and International Relations of Iran (Change)

POLI486 – Middle East International Relations (Change)

POLI488 – Politics and International Relations of South Asia (Change)

Tabled from earlier meeting (revisions received):

GWST344 – Trans/national Femininities

– Sent 11/17/16 (In today’s meeting of the UGC, the committee voted to table the new course GWST 344. The committee shared their confusion with both the course title and course description and worried the course’s intention would not be apparent to potential students. The play on words indicated in Trans/national was met with some discomfort.

I would welcome you at a meeting later in the semester if you’d like to address the committee on this. Alternatively, would you consider removing the / in “trans/national”? )

INDS335 –  Interdisciplinary Degree Plan Writing Seminar

– Sent 10/21/16 (Yesterday, the UGC approved the changes to the INDS major and voted to table the requested changes to INDS 335. The paperwork was unclear to the committee, so we request that you address these ambiguities and resubmit.

Your rationale indicated you were requesting a change in credits and grading. If those are the only changes, please make sure that the checks in the left-most column indicate that.
Currently, the form indicated you were also requesting a change in prereqs, from INDS 330 to nothing. Since that was not addressed in the rationale, we request that you address it OR if that was unintentional, that you fix the form.
Currently, the prereq INDS 330 will count as long as students obtain a D in the class. If it was your intention to keep the prereq, we encourage you to consider changing the requirement to INDS 330 with a C or better.)

FREN310 – Interconnections: Language

– Sent 12/15/16 (1. If it is your intention (which the committee thinks it is) to have MLL 190 as a recommended course, please check the corresponding box in addition to writing the name of the course.2. Do you want FREN 302 to count as a prerequisite only if the student receives a C or better?  If yes, please add “C or better” to the repreq box.)


Approved courses (minor revisions requested that have been received):

ENME408 –  Selected Topics in Engineering Design

– Sent 12/15/16 (The committee also voted to table the proposed changes to ENME 408, because the registrar cannot build the prerequisites as requested. Rather than “You must have completed all 300 level ENME courses with a grade of “C” or better,” could you please list the specific 300-level courses by number? And then in future, if you’d like to add or remove any of those courses, you would submit a “Change in existing course” to the UGC. )