Agenda: March 30, 2017

Postings for review:

AMST403 – (Change) Ethnography in America

AMST410 –  (Change) Seminar in U.S. Social Structures

AMST420 – (Change) Seminar in Global America

AMST422 –  (Change) Preserving Places, Making Spaces in Baltimore

AMST430 – (Change) Seminar in American Signs

AMST464 – (Change) – Immigration Nation: Examining Narratives of Immigration to the U.S.

AMST466 – (Change) Media Literacy and Racial Representation

AMST469 – (New)  The U.S.-Philippine War

AMST469 – Syllabus

AMST474 – (Change) Theorizing Identity in Contemporary American Culture

AMST476 – (Change) Theories of Culture and Media

AMST480 – (Change)  Community in America Research Seminar

ANTH322 – (Change) Forensic Anthropology

ART341 – (Change) Introduction to Animation

ART485 – Team-based Game Development

BIOL495 – Seminar in Bioinformatics

HIST480 – (Change)  Contemporary China, 1949 to the Present

MUSC402 – (New)  Music Internship

MUSC402 – Syllabus

THTR336 –  (Change) Advanced Costume Design

THTR452 – (Change) Theatre Lab

Theater D&P Curriculum –  THEATRE BA with Concentration Design and Production

RT341 – Introduction to Animation

VA ANIM –  Visual Arts, Animation Concentration BA

VA ANIMBFA – Visual Arts, Animation Concentration BFA