Agenda: March 9, 2017

Current Postings for review:

THTR D&P CURRICULUM – THEATRE BA with Concentration Design and Production (roll over)

THTR TS CURRICULUM –  THEATRE BA with Concentration Theatre Studies (roll over)

ENCH410 – (New-Cross list request)

ENCH410 – (Syllabis)

ENME217 – (Change) Engineering Thermodynamics

IS451M –  (Change) LAN Management Using Microsoft

IS451U –  (Change) LAN Management Using Unix

MLL399H –  (Change) Introduction to Honors Project

MLL499H –  (Change) Senior Honors Project

The Curriculum in Russian –  Russian track (1-language, 2-language), MLLI major

MLLI – (Change) Certificate in Spanish Studies

MUSC305 – (Change) UMBC Symphony Orchestra

MUSC305H – (Change) UMBC Symphony Orchestra

(response sent from department 3/9/17)

Ms. McDonough,

The question about credit hours:  I didn’t enter anything into the right-hand column because I thought we are only supposed to enter information that is CHANGING in that column, as instructed on the form itself.  The credit hours for MUSC303 will remain 2, and for 303H will remain 3.

The same is true with the grading method – that is an error on my part, as I did not believe we allowed students to take ensembles as pass-fail, so I didn’t check that off on the form.  I don’t think the faculty wanted to change anything about these courses, other than the name.

SOCY355 –  (Change) Sociology of Women

Courses that we have received revisions on:

ANTH322 – Forensic Anthropology (per S. Lindsay’s find – archive)

EDUC310 – Inquiry into education

GWST 444 – Psychology of Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity

THTR261 – Theatre Production: Running Crew

THTR262 – 2 Theatre Production: Lighting and Sound

THTR263 – Theatre Production: Costumes

THTR264 – Theatre Production: Scenery

THTR430 – Theatre Internship

THTR439 –  Advanced Design Techniques

Assignment of APR’s:

American Studies


Undergraduate Education (update?)