Agenda: November 9, 2017

Postings for review:

GES440 – Global Poverty and Inequality (New)

GES440 Syllabus

GLBL101 – Introduction to Global Studies (Change)

GLBL300 – Research Methods in Global Studies (New with Syllabus attached)

GLBL301 – Approaches to Globalization (Change)

PHIL358/HAPP358 – Bioethics (Change with supporting email)

PHIL477 – Minds, Machines, and Logic (New)

PHIL477 Syllabus

Tabled from Oct. 19th meeting:

PHIL476 – Minds, Machines and Logic (New)

PHIL476 – Syllabus

(No response received from Oct. 19th email from S.M)

Year Three Reviews that were tabled at Oct. 19th meeting:

Africana Studies

Action Plan

Three Year Report

Submitted Changes:

ECON478 – Real Estate Economics and Finance (Change)