Agenda: September 21, 2017

**All UGC meetings are open to the campus.  If you’d like to discuss one of the courses listed on the agenda for this week, please contact Rose Drohan at or Susan McDonough to schedule time on the agenda.**

Topics to be discussed:

December 7th meeting – Conflicts with Service Award Ceremony.

To be reviewed (from last meeting):

CHEM311L – Advanced Laboratory I (Change)

INDS210 (New)

Music Minor

Science Writing Minor


Current Postings:

ART305 – Moving Images (Change)

ART315 – Moving Images II (Change)

ART327 – Contemporary Directions in Photography (Change)

ART346 – Moving Images III (Change)

BIO306L – Projects in Synthetic Molecular Biology (Change)

BIO312L – Modeling in the Life Sciences (Change)

BIO410 – Modeling in the Life Sciences (Change)

BIO463 – Theoretical and Quantitative Biology (Change)

BIO466 – Population and Conservation Genetics (Change)

BIO483 – Evolution: From Genes to Genomes (Change)

Quantitative Biology Minor – (Program Change)

ECON310 – Data Analysis for Economics (New)

ECON310 Syllabus

ECON Program Change – Economics (Program Change)

ECON and Financial ECON – Economics and Financial Economics (Program Change)

ECON320 – Quantitative Methods for Management (Change)

ECON363 – Sports Economics and Finance (Change)

ECON374 – Financial Management (Change)

ECON403 – Economic Growth and Cycles (Change)

ECON410 – Selected Topics in Financial Economics (Change)

ECON421 – Introduction to Econometrics (Change)

ECON423 – Time Series and Forecasting (Change)

ECON467 – Health Economics (Change)

Financial ECON – Critical Abstract Thinking – Financial Economics (Program Change)

ENME420 – Energy Sources for the Future (Change)

ENME423 – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Design (Change)

ENME425 – Internal Combustion Engines (Change)

ENME462 – Introduction to Engineering Acoustics (Change)

GES441 – Urbanization and Development in a Global Context (New)

GES – Digital Rubric

HAPP411 – Health Regulation and Quality Improvement (Change)

HAPP470 – Health Administration and Policy Program Internship (Change)

HIST312 –  From Ottoman to Isis: Politics & Culture in the 20th Century Middle East (New)

PHIL486  – Kant’s Moral and Political Philosophy (New)

PHIL486 Syllabus

Received responses about:

Cinematic Arts Concentration, BFA – Jules Rosskam

Cinematic Arts Concentration, BA – Jules Rosskam


Supporting document