Minutes: April 12, 2018

Postings held over from last meeting for review that were approved:

PSYC/GWST356 –  Psychology of Sex and Gender

PSYC/GWST357 – Psychology of Women

GWST letters of support 

CMSC473 – Natural Language Processing (received recommended changes)

CMSC478 – Introduction to Machine Learning (received recommended changes)

CMSC491 – Special Topics in Computer Science (received recommended changes)

LING390 – Linguistic Typology (New)

LING401 – Pragmatics (New)

MLLI Major Track, Applied Linguistics (Change)

STAT Major (Change)

PSYC Department Change Support for STAT Major

Tabled items:

GES440 –  Global Poverty and Inequality

GES440  Syllabus

Language Studies – Russian Concentration Certificate (Change)

POLI475 – Russian Politics (Change)


Name Change from Gender and Women’s Studies to Gender. Women’s and Sexuality Studies – Approved

Theatre APR – Approved