Minutes: April 2, 2020

Approved Courses:

CMSC201 – Computer Science I (change)

CMSC210 – Advance Computing (new)

CMSC304 – Social and Ethical Issues in Information Technology (change)

CMSC310 – Data Analysis & Structures (new)

Dance Program (change)

Minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation (change)

HAPP Tracks (change)

PSYC350 – Psychology & the Law (new)

SOCY370 – Sociology of Law (new)

Tabled Courses/programs:

Minor in Computing

Support letters #1

Support letters #2

Support letters #3

CMSC Minor (Computer Science)

DANC230 – Improvisation

DANC290 – Independent Projects in Choreography

DANC330 – Dance Composition I

Dance Major Requirements (change)


Writing Board – Language for Pass/Fail was submitted by FAQ and approved by UGC. Questions should be directed to Amanda Knapp’s office or Registrar’s office.

April 9th meeting has been moved to April 16th.