Minutes: April 21, 2022

Attendees: E. Feeser, B. Spore, C. Cain, C. Hody, D. Bhatt, K. Birger, S. Young

Approved Courses:

CMPE320 – (Change) Probability, Statistics, and Random Processes

CMPE414 – (Change) Advanced VLSI Design

CMPE418 – (Change) VLSI Design Verification and Testing

CMPE419 – (Change) Computer Arithmetic Algorithms and Implementations

GES403 – (New) Public Science

MCS360 – (New) Internet Video Production

Tabled Courses:

CMPE323 – (Change) Signal and Systems Theory

CMPE330 – (Change) Electromagnetic Waves and Transmission

CMPE349 – (Change) Introduction to Professional Practice

CMPE413 – (Change) Principles of VLSI Design

EDUC467 – (New) Teaching and Learning in and with Baltimore

GES308 – (Change) Ecology