Minutes: April 27, 2017

Approved courses:

BIOL443 – (Change) Advanced Topics in Developmental Biology

BIOL457 – (Change) Physiology of Marine and Estuarine Animals

CMPE310 – (Change) Systems Design and Programming

CMPE (Cybertrack) – (Program Change) Computer Engineering

CMPE450 – (Change)  Capstone I

CMPE A,B and C – CMPE Change

IS310 – (Change) Software and Hardware Concepts

IS350 –  (Change)  Business Communications Systems

IS403 – (Change) User Interface Design

IS427 – (Change) Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Concepts and Applications

Web Dev Cert – (Program Change)

MGMT399 –  Administrative Internship

STAT432 – (Change) Statistical Computer Packages and Their Applications

THTR407 – Methods of Teaching Theatre

Tabled Items:

New Minor in Arts and Entrepreneurship

Letters of support

ENME491 – Global Engineering

ENME491 – (Syllabis)

HAPP/SOWK Double Major – (Program Change) Health Administration and Policy Program, Social Work

HAPP398 – Selected Topics in Health Administration and Policy

Approved APR’s:

American Studies

Undergraduate Education

Miscellaneous Items:

–  Susan McDonough was re-elected as chair for the Undergraduate Council for the 2017-2018 session.
 – The Undergraduate Council will be coordinating schedules with the registrars office and the Faculty Senate meeting calendar in order to schedule next year’s meetings.