Minutes: April 29, 2021

Attendees: E. Feeser, G. Williams, J. Volpe, D. Wentz, C. Cain, C. Hody, B. Chapin, S. Young, T. Worchesky, R. Sponaugle, P. Hawley, K. Cole, Y. Mozie-Ross

Approved courses/programs:

BIOL444 – Development and Cancer (change)

CHEM456 – The Chemistry and Biochemistry of Brewing I (new)



ENME403 – Automatic Controls (change)

ENTR Minor

IS246 – Topics in Programming Languages and Tools (change)

IS300 – Management Information Systems (change)

IS461 – Health Care Informatics II (change)

IS Minor

LING210 – Introduction to Language Structures (change)

RUSS332 – The Structure of Russian (change)


Other initiatives:

Military Credit Discussion – Recommendation from the UGC to be put forth to the Executive Committee then forwarded to Faculty Senate for approval.



ENTR350 – Design Thinking (new)


PSYC475 – Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (new)