Minutes: December 15, 2016

1. Courses approved

AMST – Asian American Studies Minor Proposal

ENCH310 – Environmental Chemistry (Change)

ENME220 – Mechanics of Materials (Change)

ENME412 – Mechanical Design for Manufacturing and Production (Change)

ENME444 – Mechanical Engineering Systems Design (Change)

MLL334 – Modern Chinese Poetry (New)

MLL334 – Modern Chinese Poetry (Syllabus)

PSYC342 – Psychology of Aggression and Antisocial Behavior – revised form attached

SOWK397 – .Social Work Methods I: Introduction to Practics (Change)

VAPHOTOMINOR –  Visual Arts, Photography Concentration Minor (Change)

2. Tabled courses 

ENME408 Selected Topics of Engineering Design (Change)-

FREN310 – Interconnections:  Language Behavior

GCSP302 – Grand Challenges Program (New)  – new form attached for next meeting review.

GCSP302 – Grand Challenges Program (New Syllabus) – new form attached for next meeting review.

As a follow-up from the last meeting the UGC recommended that we implement a grading option (like Towson’s AUX) in the event that a student registers for the course under the audit option but fails to meet the requirements set forth by the faculty member teaching. The UGC did not feel that faculty should be required to include information about audit expectations on course syllabi as not to promote it.
The UGC will send suggested catalog language to incorporate this additional grading option to Amanda Knapp.
The meeting was adjourned.