Minutes: December 3, 2020

Attendees:  E. Feeser, B. Tighe, B. Chapin, A. Knapp, B. Spore, S. Young, T. Worchesky, G. Williams, C. Cain, K. Birger, K. Joseph, R. Sponaugle, J. Cullen and C. Hody.

Approved courses/Certificates:

Program changes for Asian History Minor

CMPE450 – Capstone I (change)

HIST478 – History of China, 1644 to 1912 (change)

MATH300 – Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning (new)

MATH300 Syllabi

MATH300 Schedule

MUSC326 – Theory V: Post-Tonal Analysis (change)

MUSC325 – Jazz Composition (change)

MUSC492 – Senior Project (change)

PSYC312 – Change in grading

Accelerated Bachelor’s  – PBC Program at UMBC

Bachelor’s Masters Program

Tabled Courses:

BA in Jazz Studies (change)

PSYC300 – Psychology Takes on the Media (new)

PSYC Syllabi


***Stand Along Course discussion continued.