Minutes: December 5, 2019

Approved Courses:

AFST392 – Race, Crime, and Public Policy (New)

AFST396 – Psychology, Race, and Social Justice (New)

**(this course was approved by majority however, R. Sponaugle noted that he would like his obstaining stance notated.)

FINC150 – Financial Literacy

FINC150H – Financial Literacy

HCST400 – Independent Study in the Human Context of Science and Technology (New)

HCST499 – Advanced Topics in the Human Context of Science and Technology (New)

Courses to be held over until February for review:

AGNG440 – Diversity in Management of Aging Services (Change)

AGNG460 – Management of Aging Services Internship (Change)

AGNG470 – Aging Service Management: Capstone Seminar (Change)

Mgmt of Aging Services BA Program

Mgmt of Aging Services Undergraduate Minor

ANCS/HIST453 – Ancient Greece (Change)

ANCS/HIST454 – The Hellenistic World and Rome (Change)

ANCS/HIST455 – The Roman Republic (Change)

ANCS/HIST456 – The Roman Empire (Change)

BIOL275L to 273L–  (change)

BIOL275 to 375 – (change)

BIOL273 – – Introductory Microbiology for Allied-Health Students (New)

BS Degree Change BIOL

BA Degree Change BIOL

EDUC435 – Integrated STEM Content and Pedagogy (Change)

MATH131 – Math for Elem Tchrs I (Change)

MATH132 – Math for Elem Tchrs II (Change)



PSYC211 retirement

PSYC309 – Psychology: Exploring the Discipline and Careers (change)

GWST Year Three Review


Action Plan

Tabled Courses:


Human Context of Science and Technology Program Change

Resubmitted courses:

MCS311 – Films of Resistance

Approved Certs/Programs:

Academic Program Review for Geography and Environmental Systems (B. Chapin) – Approved


Action Plan

Campus Governance

Dean’ts Report

Final External

B. Chapin’s review



CBEE (Undergrad) – G. Williams

Campus Governance

Self Study

Action Plan