Minutes: February 1, 2018

Approved Courses:

GWST378 – Women, Gender and Science (Change)

Letter of support for GWST378

GWST352 – Women, Gender and Information Technology (Change)

Letter of support for GWST352 #1

Letter of support for GWST352 #2

GWST338 – Women, Gender and Law (Change)

HIST362 – Medieval Europe and the Med World

PHIL253 – Business Ethics (New)

SOWK370 – Social Work and the Criminal Justice System (Change)

VART331 – Graphic Design I: Image, Sign, Symbol

VART332 – Design & Technology I: Print

VART333 – Typography I

Academic Program Reviews:

Biological Sciences – Assigned to Bambi Chapin (Due April 26th)

 Attachment #1 – Action Plan

 Attachment #2 – Deans Response

 Attachment #3 – External Review

Physics – Assigned to Steve Young (Due April 26th)

Attachment #1 – Action Plan

Attachment #2 – Deans Response

Attachment #3 – External Review

Tabled Courses:

History Minor – (Change)

History Major – (Change)

Science Writing Minor