Minutes: February 16, 2017

Courses Approved

ENGL300 – Communication and Technology: Analysis of Texts and Contexts(Change)

ENGL353 – Rhetorical Theory(Change)

ENGL379 – Principles and Practices in Technical Communication(Change)

ENGL394 – Technical Editing(Change)

ENGL407 – Language in Society(Change)

ENGL409 – Advanced Topics and Genre Studies(Change)

ENGL411 – Advanced Topics in Literary History (Change)

ENGL435 – Digital Humanities(Change)

INDS335 –  Interdisciplinary Degree Plan Writing Seminar

PHIL479 – Paradoxes (New)

PHIL479 – Paradoxes Syllabis

PHIL474 – Possible Worlds(New)

PHIL474 – Possible Worlds Syllabis

PHIL475 – Irrationality (New)

PHIL475 – Irrationality Syllabis

POLI349 – Environmental Politics (Change)


Tabled courses:

ENGL416 – Advanced Topics in Literature and Other Arts(Change)

ENGL480 – Seminar in Advanced Journalism(Change)