Minutes: February 17, 2022

Attendees:  E. Feeser, R. Sponaugle, C. Cain, B. Spore, A. Knapp, C. Hody, S. Young, D. Bhatt, J. Volpe, K. Birger, L. Cazabon, M. Nassar, G. Williams, B. Tighe.


Approved courses:

Arabic Language & Culture Minor – (Program Change)

Biology Education, B.A. – (Program Change)

CMSC106 – (Inactivation Request) Programming in C

CSST220 – (New) Introduction to Transgender Studies

CSST485 – (Change) Sexuality & Queer Theory

EHS310 – (Inactivation Request) Seminar in Emergency Health Service Management

EHS430 – (Change) EHS Epidemiology and Health Research Methods

HIST101 – (Change) US History to 1877

HIST102 – (Change) U.S. History, 1877 to the Present

HIST202 – (New) Islamic Empires: Gunpowder, Merchants, and Miniatures

HIST204 – (Change) Food in World History

HIST209 – (Inactivation Request) Themes in World History: Planets and Worlds, Earth and Home

HIST210 – (New)  Migration in World History

HONR201 – (New) Honors Transfer Seminar

PSYC444 – (Change) Psychology of Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity


Approved initiatives: 

Africana Studies Academic Program Review


PHIL150H – (New) Contemporary Moral Problems