Minutes: February 2, 2017

1.Courses approved

ART422 – Social Entrepreneurship in Place (Change)

ENGL218 – (formally presented as ENGL215) Remix Culture and Composing (New)

ENGL218 – (Syllabus)

ENGL220 – Composing Disability (New)

ENGL220 – (Syllabus)

FREN310 – Interconnections: Language

GWST344 – Trans/national Femininities

HIST349 – History of American Veterans(New)

POLI220 –  – The U.S. Constitution: Where It Came From and What It Says (Change)

POLI350 –  The Policy-Making Process (Change)

POLI354 –  Public Management and Personnel Systems (Change)

POLI377 –   Latin American Politics (Change)

POLI385 –  International Security (Change)

POLI390 –  American Foreign Policy (Change)

POLI395 – National Security Policy of the United States (Change)

POLI423 – Presidential Elections (Change)

POLI425 – U.S. Campaigns and Elections (Change)

POLI432 – Civil Rights (Change)

POLI467 – Comparative Foreign Policy (Change)

POLI472 –  Modern Indian Politics (Change)

POLI484 – Politics and International Relations of Iran (Change)

POLI486 – Middle East International Relations (Change)

POLI488 – Politics and International Relations of South Asia (Change)

2.Tabled courses

ART331 – Image, Sign & Symbol (Change)

ART332 – Design and Technology I (Change)

ART333 – Typography I (Change)

ENGL300 – Communication and Technology: Analysis of Texts and Contexts(Change)

ENGL353 – Rhetorical Theory(Change)

ENGL379 – Principles and Practices in Technical Communication(Change)

ENGL394 – Technical Editing(Change)

ENGL407 – Language in Society(Change)

ENGL409 – Advanced Topics and Genre Studies(Change)

ENGL411 – Advanced Topics in Literary History (Change)

ENGL416 – Advanced Topics in Literature and Other Arts(Change)

ENGL435 – Digital Humanities(Change)

ENGL480 – Seminar in Advanced Journalism(Change)

POLI349 – Environmental Politics (Change)

POLI446 –  The Politics of Poverty and Social Welfare Policy (Change)

3.Approved courses (minor revisions requested that have been received):

ENME408 –  Selected Topics in Engineering Design


ENCH410/ ENCE610 – Petition to cross list (this is a Grad Council request)

It was requested to have information added to the UGC home page to remind faculty to utilize the new forms).