Minutes: February 3, 2022

Attendees: E. Feeser, C. Cain, R. Sponaugle, G. Williams, K. Birger, W. Zhang, B. Spore, S. Young, J. Volpe, C. Hody


Approved Courses:

Arabic Language and Culture Minor – (Change)

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Minor (Change)

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, B.S. (Change)

CMSC100 – (Inactivation Request) Introduction to Computer Science

CMSC103 – (Inactivation Request)Scientific Computing

CMSC109 – (Inactivation Request) Programming Topics

CMSC232 – (Inactivation Request) Advanced Java Techniques

CMSC345 – (Inactivation Request) Software Design and Development

CMSC432 – (Inactivation Request) Object-Oriented Programming Languages and Systems

CMSC465 – ((Inactivation Request) Introduction to Electronic Commerce

CMSC466 – (Inactivation Request) Electronic Commerce Technology

CMSC484 – (Inactivation Request) Java Server Technologies

Critical Sexuality Studies Minor (Change)

CSST210 – (Change) Introduction to Critical Sexuality Studies

CSST292 – (Change) Issues in Critical Sexuality Studies

CSST300 – (New) Methodologies in Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies

CSST321 – (Change) Queer Representation in Film and TV

CSST345 – (Change) Unruly Bodies

CSST392 – (Change) Topics in Critical Sexuality Studies

CSST492 – (Change) Advanced Topics in Critical Sexuality Studies

EHS202 – (Change) Emergency Medical Technician I

EHS203 – (Change) Emergency Medical Technician II

ENME475 – (Change) Robotics

Gender and Women’s Studies Certificate – (Change)

Gender and Women’s Studies Minor – (Change)

Gender and Women’s Studies, B.A.  (Change)

Japanese Language and Culture Minor (Change)

LING470 – (Change) Language and Cognition

Mathematics Minor (Change)

Modern Languages and Lingustics Minor (Change)

PSYC314 – (New) Behavior Analytic Research and Practice

Public Administration/Policy Minor (Inactivation Request)

Sociology B.A. (Change)

Statistics B.S. (Change)

Statistics B.S., Mathematical Statistics Track (Change)


Revisited courses approved:

SPAN308 – (Change) Historias, culturas y políticas de Latinoamérica


Approved Initiatives:

Math and Stat Year Three Review

 Attachment #1

Attachment #2

Physics Year Three Review

Attachment #1

Attachment #2



HONR201 – (New) Honors Transfer Seminar

PSYC444 – (Change) Psychology of Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity