Minutes: March 30, 2017

Approved Courses

AMST403 – (Change) Ethnography in America

AMST410 –  (Change) Seminar in U.S. Social Structures

AMST420 – (Change) Seminar in Global America

AMST422 –  (Change) Preserving Places, Making Spaces in Baltimore

AMST430 – (Change) Seminar in American Signs

AMST464 – (Change) – Immigration Nation: Examining Narratives of Immigration to the U.S.

AMST466 – (Change) Media Literacy and Racial Representation

AMST474 – (Change) Theorizing Identity in Contemporary American Culture

AMST476 – (Change) Theories of Culture and Media

AMST480 – (Change)  Community in America Research Seminar

ANTH322 – (Change) Forensic Anthropology

ART341 – (Change) Introduction to Animation

BIOL495 – Seminar in Bioinformatics

HIST480 – (Change)  Contemporary China, 1949 to the Present

THTR336 –  (Change) Advanced Costume Design

THTR452 – (Change) Theatre Lab

Theater D&P Curriculum –  THEATRE BA with Concentration Design and Production

RT341 – Introduction to Animation

VA ANIM –  Visual Arts, Animation Concentration BA

VA ANIMBFA – Visual Arts, Animation Concentration BFA

Tabled Courses:

AMST469 – (New)  The U.S.-Philippine War

AMST469 – Syllabus

ART485 – Team-based Game Development

MUSC402 – (New)  Music Internship

MUSC402 – Syllabus

Informational item: Attention needs to be paid when scheduling the course cutoffs for the upcoming academic years so all intended courses are included for student selections.

All tabled courses will not be available in Fall catalog.