Minutes: March 5, 2020

Approved courses:

CMSC340 – Data Structures (New)

CMSC396 – Undergraduate Teaching Fellowship (New)

CMSC462 – Introduction to Data Science (New)

CMSC449 – Malware Analysis (New)

ECON310 – Data Analysis for Economics (New)

GLBL410/MLLI410 – (I’m a Cyborg: But that’s OK) (New)

Human Context of Science and Technology (HCST)

Music Minor

MUSC301 – UMBC Chamber Players (change)

MUSC303 – UMBC Camarata–Chamber Choir (change)

MUSC304 – UMBC Jubilee Singers (change)

MUSC305 – UMBC Symphony Orchestra (change)

MUSC306 – Improvisational Ensemble (change)

MUSC307 – Small Ensemble (change)

MUSC308 – UMBC Wind Ensemble (change)

MUSC309 – UMBC New Music Ensemble (change)

MUSC310 – Beginning Gamelan (change)

MUSC313 – Advanced Gamelan (change)

MUSC320 – UMBC Jazz Ensemble (change)

MUSC324 – Small Ensemble Jazz Group (change)

ANTH402H – Honors Thesis Research

HIST302 – History of Maryland

MCS311 – Films of Resistance

HIST379 – “Do Muslim Women Need Saving?”

Psychology Report for Academic Program Review – C. Hody


EDUC425 – Methods of Teaching English in Secondary Schools