Minutes: March 9, 2017

Approved Courses:

ANTH322 – Forensic Anthropology (per S. Lindsay’s find – archive)

EDUC310 – Inquiry into education

ENME217 – (Change) Engineering Thermodynamics

GWST 444 – Psychology of Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity

IS451M –  (Change) LAN Management Using Microsoft

IS451U –  (Change) LAN Management Using Unix

The Curriculum in Russian –  Russian track (1-language, 2-language), MLLI major

MLLI – (Change) Certificate in Spanish Studies

SOCY355 –  (Change) Sociology of Women

THTR261 – Theatre Production: Running Crew

THTR262 – 2 Theatre Production: Lighting and Sound

THTR263 – Theatre Production: Costumes

THTR264 – Theatre Production: Scenery

THTR430 – Theatre Internship

THTR439 –  Advanced Design Techniques

Tabled Courses:

MUSC305 – (Change) UMBC Symphony Orchestra

MUSC305H – (Change) UMBC Symphony Orchestra

THTR D&P CURRICULUM – THEATRE BA with Concentration Design and Production (roll over)

THTR TS CURRICULUM –  THEATRE BA with Concentration Theatre Studies (roll over)


ENCH410 – (New-Cross list request) – Grad Council Task

ENCH410 – (Syllabis)

MLL399H –  (Change) Introduction to Honors Project – Not UGC task

MLL499H –  (Change) Senior Honors Project – Not UGC task

Assignment of APR’s:

American Studies – S. Bradley and B. Feeser is working

Gerontology – need appointment

Undergraduate Education – T. Worchesky is working