Minutes: November 16, 2017

Approved Courses/ Programs:

ANTH311 – Urban Anthropology (Change)

ANTH318 –  Science and Technology (Change)

ART336 –  Design and Technology II: Screen (Change)

BIOL495 – Seminar in Bioinformatics (Change)

MLL334 –   “Poets, Musicians, and Revolutionaries: Modern Chinese Poetry and Lyrical Culture” (Change)

School of Social Work Program Change

Year Three Review for Africana Studies (Revised)

Tabled Courses:

ART331 – Graphic Design I: Image, Sign, Symbol (Change)

ART332 – Design & Technology I: Print (Change)

ART333 – Typography I (Change)

ECON478 – Real Estate Economics and Finance (Change)

NAVY402 – Amphibious Warfare (Change)

PHED162 – Pom and Drill (Change)