Minutes: November 3, 2016

1. Informational visit:

Yvette Mosey-Ross, Simon Stacey, Dale Bittinger and Ken Barron attended the meeting to discuss the concerns of the UGC pertaining to the student orientation process.  They explained the orientation process to the committee and introduced new methods of communication that will be implemented in the near future.

Dr. Mosey-Ross stated that Administration works closely with Student Affairs to make sure that the students have the proper “soft skills” to use so that they will be successful while they are on campus.

Tools that are accessible to students:

  • My UMBC Account
  • Blackboard
  • Training modules that are required to be completed must be completed through the electronic system
  • Student advising book prior to start
  • Profile Sharing
  • UMBC Works
  • “Help” or “RT” ticket system

There was noted issues about subject line for email is too long through the system and this may be why students are not responding to emails. Dr. Mosey-Ross said that she would speak with IT about resolving this issue.

Dr. Mosey-Ross and Dr. Barron are looking at a system to poll students about which method they prefer to communicate through.

Another suggestion about email usage was mentioned as to teach students how to organize their emails.

Dr. Mosey-Ross concluded by introducing a new syllabi archiving project that is in the works.  This initiative will introduce students to old syllabi offered by the instructors prior to class start dates.  Amanda Knapp is working with the students to initiate this program.

2. Approval of minutes from October 20, 2016 meeting

3.  Approved Courses:

VART – Visual Arts, Cinematic Arts Concentration Minor (Change)

4. Tabled courses:

ART435 – Topics in Film/Video (Change)

ECON280 – The International Economy (Change)

ECON313 – Economics Internship (Change)

RUSS 322 –

  • We were wondering about the catalogue description- if the courses can be taken in either order, can 322 really be a continuation of 321?
    • Perhaps complimentary rather than continuation?
  • Ask if wants all 3 grading options
    • This will particularly be important when change to be a requirement for the major

SOWK 397

  • Registrar can’t build prereqs as written
    • Either leave out “or other course # designated for new course Introduction to Social Work” OR give list of current courses that would satisfy, knowing that if new ones are approved, will have to go through the UGC.

INDS 335 – Change in existing course (credit hours/grading option)

  • Prereq of 330- and do you want it C or better?
    • Do you intend to remove the prereq or did you check that by accident? If yes, do you want it C or better
      • If not, please address in rationale
    • For repeatability and grading method, please check left-most column