Minutes: November 4, 2021

Attendees: E. Feeser, G. Williams, A. Knapp, S. Young, R. Sponaugle, C. Cain, C. Hody, C. McCann, J. Randles, D. Wentz, K. Yi, K. Birger, L. Cazabon, K. Cole, B. Spore, J. Volpe

Approved courses:

ASL101 – (Change) American Sign Language I

ASL102 – (Change) American Sign Language II

ASL201 – (Change) American Sign Language III

BIOL273 – (Change) Microbiology for Allied Health



CSST Acronym discussion – Carole McCann – The creation of a new CSST acronym was approved unanimously by the UGC.