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Minutes: November 7, 2019

Approved Courses:

AFST493 – Service Learning: Race and Social Advocacy (New)

AGNG355 – The Experience of Dementia

ANTH224 – Focused Cultural Study: Carribean (New) – Emergency Approval Obtained

ART400 – Teaching Artist = Change Agent (new)

CMSC441 – Design and Analysis of Algorithms (Change)

DANC275 – Introduction to Umfundalai Contemporary African Dance Technique (new)

DANC230 – Improvisation (change)

HIST445 – History of Science to 1700

HIST446 – History of Science since 1700

MBIO478 – (Emergency Approval obtained)

MCS484 – MCS Production Fellows (change)

MUSC419 – MIDI Technology in the Recording Studio (new)

Program Change – Computer Science

Program Change – Computer Science Major II

Program Change – Computer Science Major I

Social Work Changes to the Minor

Also approved:

MLL Concentration Name Change

Philosophy Department:  Honors Program Policy

Tabled courses:

AFST392–  Race, Crime, and Public Policy (New)

AFST396 – Psychology, Race, and Social Justice (New)

AFST394/SOCY394 – Race, Social Inequality, and Institutional Structure Advocacy (New)

CMSC396 – Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship (New)

CMSC449 – Malware Analysis (New)

CMSC462 – Introduction to Data Analysis (New)

FINC150 – Financial Literacy (new)

FINC150H – Financial Literacy (new)

MCS311 – Films of Resistance (New)

Retiring of PSYC211


INDS (assigned to R. Sponaugle)

Deans Response

Final Report

External Review

Action Plan

PSYCH (assigned to C. Hody)

Deans Response

Campus Governance

External Review

Action Plan

Chem/Biochem (assigned to T. Worchesky)

Deans Response

Campus Governance

External Review

Action Plan