Minutes: October 21, 2021

Attendees:  E. Feeser, R. Sponaugle, G. Williams, K. Birger, K. Yi, B. Spore, C. Hody, C. Cain, S. Young, L. Cazabon, A. Knapp, K. Joseph

Approved courses:

ART431 –  Graphic Design III (Change)

EHS115 – Medical Terminology (Change)

ENTR Minor

Music Education Program Change

PHIL/GWST258 – Introduction to Feminist Philosophy (Change)

PHIL400 –  Independent Study in Philosophy (Change)

Philosophy:  Ethics and Value Certificate

Philosophy:  Logic and Science Certificate

Philosophy:  Law and Politics Certificate

PSYC390 –  Neuropsychopharmocology (Change)

Tabled courses:

ENTR350 – Design Thinking for the Entrepreneur (New)