Minutes: September 24, 2020

Attendees:  E. Feeser, A. Knapp, C. Hody, C. Cain, R. Sponaugle, T. Worchesky, B. Tighe, K. Birger, D. Wentz, B. Spore, G. Williams, S. Young, K. Joseph, B. Chapin, J. Cullen, W. LaCourse

Approved Courses:

ANTH312 – Medical Anthropology (change)

ANTH321 –  Sociocultural Contexts of Teaching and Learning (change)

MLLI Russian Resubmission

SOCY369 – Causes of Crime and Delinquency (new)


NCSI395 – Communication for Emerging Scientists I (new)

    NSCI395 Syllabi

NSCI396 – Communication for Emerging Scientists II (new)

    NSCI396 Syllabi

Academic Program Reviews/Year Three Reviews approved:

**Asian Studies – Assigned to Elizabeth Feeser

Other initiatives to be revisited on October 1st:

New Course forms

Change Course forms