Postings: November 7, 2019

Courses for review:

AFST392–  Race, Crime, and Public Policy (New)

AFST396 – Psychology, Race, and Social Justice (New)

AFST394/SOCY394 – Race, Social Inequality, and Institutional Structure Advocacy (New)

AFST493 – Service Learning: Race and Social Advocacy (New)

ANTH224 – Focused Cultural Study: Carribean (New) – Emergency Approval Obtained

CMSC396 – Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship (New)

CMSC441 – Design and Analysis of Algorithms (Change)

CMSC449 – Malware Analysis (New)

CMSC462 – Introduction to Data Analysis (New)

MCS311 – Films of Resistance (New)

Program Change – Computer Science

Program Change – Computer Science Major II

Program Change – Computer Science Major I

Retiring of PSYC211

Social Work Changes to the Minor