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Postings: October 10, 2019

Courses for review:

AFST392 – Race, Crime, and Public Policy (new)

AFST396 – Psychology, Race, and Social Justice (new)

AFST394/SOCY394 – Race, Social Inequality, and Institutional Structure Advocacy (new)

AFST493 – Service Learning: Race and Social Advocacy (new)

ANTH224 – Focused Cultural Study: Carribean(new)

BioSciences: B.S. Degree: Elective Changes

BioSciences: B.A. Degree: Elective Changes

BIOL422L –  Microscopy & Imaging Techniques (change)

DANC275 – Introduction to Umfundalai Contemporary African Dance Technique (new)

DANC230 – Improvisation (change)

ENME423 – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Design (change)

GWST338/POLI338 – Women, Gender, and Law (change)

HIST384 – Viewing History through Maps: East Asia in Native and European Cartography (new)

MBIO478/678 – Marine and Environmental Biotechnology (change)

MUSC419 – MIDI Technology in the Recording Studio (new)

PHED 190 – CPR, AED, First Aide Certification (change)

PHIL395 – Philosophy of Physics (change)

Visual Arts, Animation Concentration BA (change)

Visual Arts, Animation Concentration BFA (change)