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Postings: October 29, 2015

Postings 10/29/15; for comment by 11/11/15

AFST Major Requirements (Program Change)
AFST Major and Minor Requirements (Program Change)
MLLI – Minor in Japanese Language and Culture (Program Change)
MUSC 250 – Music in Wartime (New)
PHED 107 – Ultimate Frisbee (New)
ART 327 – Contemporary Directions in Photography (Change: Description)
ART 366 Documentary Photography – (Change: Repeatable, Max. Total Credits & Description)
ART367 Alternative Processes (Change: Repeatable, Max Total Credits & Description)
ART 365 – Sequence and Time: Photography in Multi-Media
(Change: Formal Title, Transcript Title & Description)
ART 368 – Digital Alternatives (Change: Repeatable, Max. Total Credits & Description)
ART 461 – Advance Photographic Compositing (New)
ART462 – Entrepreneurial Practices in Photography (New)
VART – Photography Concentration BA (Program Change)
VART – Photography Concentration BFA (Program Change)