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Postings: September 3, 2015

Postings 9/3/15; for comment by 9/16/15

Asian Studies (Program Change)
BIOL 305L – Comparative Animal Physiology Laboratory (Change: Title, Transcript Title, Recommended Course Preparation, Perquisite & Description
BIOL 451- Neurobiology (Change: Prerequisite & Description)
BIOL 454 – Vision Science (Change: Prerequisite)
BIOL 457 – Physiology of Marine and Estuarine Animals (Change: Prerequisite)
Biological Sciences (Program Change)
HIST 343 – Democratizing America, 1815-1850 (Change: Title, Transcript Title & Description)
HIST 414 – Historic Preservation (New)
HIST 418 – The American House (New)
SPAN 331 – The Structure of Spanish (Change: Description)
POLI 372 – Understanding Transitioning Nations: Study Abroad in Poland (New)
POLI 468 – Disaster Politics (New)
POLI 476 – State and Societal Transition in Post-Communist Europe: Study Abroad in Poland (New)
Certificate in Psychology of the Workplace (Program Change)
ANTH 322 – Forensic Anthropology (Change: Prerequisite)