Postings: September 7, 2017

Current Postings:

ART305 – Moving Images (Change)

ART315 – Moving Images II (Change)

ART327 – Contemporary Directions in Photography (Change)

ART346 – Moving Images III (Change)

BIO306L – Projects in Synthetic Molecular Biology (Change)

BIO312L – Modeling in the Life Sciences (Change)

BIO410 – Modeling in the Life Sciences (Change)

BIO463 – Theoretical and Quantitative Biology (Change)

BIO466 – Population and Conservation Genetics (Change)

BIO483 – Evolution: From Genes to Genomes (Change)

Quantitative Biology Minor – (Program Change)

CHEM311L – Advanced Laboratory I (Change)

ECON310 – Data Analysis for Economics (New)

ECON310 Syllabus

ECON Program Change – Economics (Program Change)

ECON and Financial ECON – Economics and Financial Economics (Program Change)

ECON320 – Quantitative Methods for Management (Change)

ECON363 – Sports Economics and Finance (Change)

ECON374 – Financial Management (Change)

ECON403 – Economic Growth and Cycles (Change)

ECON410 – Selected Topics in Financial Economics (Change)

ECON421 – Introduction to Econometrics (Change)

ECON423 – Time Series and Forecasting (Change)

ECON467 – Health Economics (Change)

Financial ECON – Critical Abstract Thinking – Financial Economics (Program Change)

ENME420 – Energy Sources for the Future (Change)

ENME423 – Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Design (Change)

ENME425 – Internal Combustion Engines (Change)

ENME462 – Introduction to Engineering Acoustics (Change)

GES441 – Urbanization and Development in a Global Context (New)

GES – Digital Rubric

HAPP411 – Health Regulation and Quality Improvement (Change)

HAPP470 – Health Administration and Policy Program Internship (Change)

HIST312 –  From Ottoman to Isis: Politics & Culture in the 20th Century Middle East (New)

PHIL486  – Kant’s Moral and Political Philosophy (New)

PHIL486 Syllabus