Agenda: February 4, 2021

Items to be discussed:

Physical Education Course Development – Gary Wohlstetter

Courses for review:

(Brian Kaufman – review of MUSC)

MUSC140 – Teaching Elementary School Choral Singing (new)

MUSC141 – Teaching Middle School Choral Singing (new)

MUSC142 – Teaching High School Choral Singing (new)

MUSC143- Popular Music Pedagogy (new)

MUSC228- Choral Writing and Arranging for the Classroom (new)

MUSC334 – Women in Music (new)


MUSC431 – Planning & Instruction in the Choral Music Classroom  (new)

MUSC432 – Music Education Program Design & Management (new)

MUSC433 – Beginning Instrumental Music Methods (new)

MUSC434 – Secondary Instrumental Music Methods (new)

MUSC435 – Applications of K-12 Music Methods (new)

AGNG110 – Aging in a Technological World  (new)


AGNG321 – Strength-Based Approaches to Achieving Mental Wellness in the Older Adult (change)

BA in Jazz Studies

BIOL251L –  Anatomy & Physiology Lab (change)

BIOL Minor

BS in Mechanical Engineering

**4-yr plan side by side

ENGL100 – Composition (change)

ENGL110 – Composition for ESL Students (change)

HAPP 445 – Planning and Evaluation for Public Health Programs (new)

**HAPP Syllabi

**EHS Support Letter

HIST324 – History of Women & Science (new)


Media and Communications Studies

Support Letter #1

Support Letter #2


MGMT489 – Seminar on Management in Business (change)

PSYC300 – Psychology Takes on the Media (new)

**PSYC300 Syllabi

PSYC306 – Lifespan Human Development (change)


Received amendments and will be sent to Faculty Senate in February:

MATH300 – Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning (new)

Academic Program Reviews:


Mechanical Engineering