Agenda: November 17, 2016

ECON280 – The International Economy

ECON280 – The International Economy (Syllabus)

ECON313 – Economics Internship

ECON320 – Elements of Quantitative Methods for Management (Change)

ECON374 – Fundamentals of Financial Management (Change)

ECON403 – Economic Growth and Cycles (Change)

ECON408 – Managerial Economics (Change)

ECON412 – Topics in Microeconomics (Change)

ECON421 – Introduction to Econometrics (Change)

ECON423 – Economic Forecasting (Change)

ECON433 – Urban Economics (Change)

ECON443 – History of Economic Thought I (Change)

ECON463 – Theory of Public Finance (Change)

ECON467 – Health Economics (Change)

ECON471 – Money and Capital Markets (Change)

ECON472 – Monetary Theory and Policy (Change)

Financial Economics

Economics and Financial Economics

Financial Economics – Computer Literacy Programming

GWST220 – Introduction to transgender Studies

GWST344 – Trans/National Femininities

PSYC305 – Exceptional Child (Change)

PSYC308 – Child Maltreatment (Change)

PSYC316 – Language and Thought (Change)

PSYC320 – Psychological Assessment (Change)

PSYC330 – Child Development and Culture (Change)

PSYC365 – Children with Disabilities (Change)

PSYC400 – Seminar on Developmental Psychology(Change)

PSYC407 – Advanced Child Psychology(Change)

PSYC409 – Development and Education(Change)

PSYC411 – Applied Behavior Analysis (New)

PSYC411 – Applied Behavior Analysis (New – Syllabus)