Agenda: September 23, 2021

Courses for review:

AGNG360 – Global Ageing (New)


ANTH304 – Kin, Community, and Ethnicity (Change)

CSST210 – Introduction to Critical Sexuality Studies (New)


GES320 – Urban Ecosystems (New)

GES420 – Watershed Biogeochemistry (New)

GWST/AMST210 – Introduction to Critical Sexuality

GWST334 – Women in Music (Change)

**Support Letter

GWST341 – Indigenous and Decolonial Feminisms (New)


IS295 – Intermediate Business Applications (Change)

IS303 – Fundamentals of Human-Computer Interaction (Change)

IS304 – Ethical Issues in Information Systems (Change)

IS325 – Introduction to Management Science (Change)

IS350 – Business Communication Systems (Change)

IS403 – User Interface Design (Change)

IS413 – GUI Systems Using JAVA (Change)

IS417 -Information Systems for Auditors (Change)

IS427 – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence:  Concepts and Applications (Change)

IS428 -Data Mining Techniques and Applications (Change)

IS430 -Information Systems and Security (Change)

IS438 -Project Management (Change)

IS440 -Integrating Technology into Business Processes (Change)

IS448 -Markup and Scripting Languages (Change)

IS451M -LAN Management Using Microsoft (Change)

IS451U -LAN Management Using Unix (Change)

IS452 -Internetworking (Change)

IS460 -Health Care Informatics I (Change)

IS464 -Telemedicine (Change)

MGMT310 -Human Resource Management (Change)

MGMT360 -Business Law (Change)

MGMT385 -Business Ethics & Society (Change)

MGMT410 -Operations and Supply Chain Management (Change)

MGMT425 -Marketing (Change)

MGMT489 -Seminar on Management in Business (Change)

MGMT490 -Independent Study in Business Analytics (New)