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Agenda: September 26, 2019

Presentation:  Dr. Katherine Cole – Arbitrary and Capricious Grading

AGNG355 – The Experience of Dementia (new)

BIOL142 – Foundations of Biology: Ecology & Evolution (change)

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology: B.S. degree: Upper Level Electives (change)

FINC150/150H – Financial Literacy (new)

HIST386 – Hindus, Muslims, & their others change Identities in India & Pakistan (new)

HIST445 – History of Science to 1700 (change)

HIST446 – History of Science since 1700

PHED137 – Tennis (change)

PHED146 – Weight Training/Physical Fitness (change)

PHED153 – Scuba (change)

POLI/GLBL383 – Global Citizenship (new)

Visual Arts, Photography Concentration Minor (change)

Added:  Emergency Course Approval

PHIL359 – Ethics, Integrity, & Scientific Research (new)

Revised courses:

ANCS365 – Magic and Witchcraft in the Ancient Mediterranean (change)