Agenda: September 29, 2016


1. Tabled Postings from September 22, 2016 

  • ENME413 – The term “contact hours” is not used in the correct way. Would like to know how will attendence and class participation be graded. Be more explicit on how this course will be graded. Pre-requisites in syllabis don’t match the course description.  Define “graduate style homework”.

2.  Programs for approval

Upper Division Undergraduate Certificate in Health Information Technology

3. Current Postings

ANTH 214/ASIA 214 – Focused Cultural Study:  South Asia – (New Course form)
ANTH 214/ASIA 214 – Focused Cultural Study:  South Asia – (Syllabus)
IS 379 – Health IT Internship (New) New Course Form
IS 379  – Health IT Internship (New) Syllabus
IS 467 –  Health IT Project (New) New Course Form
IS 467 – Health IT Project (New) Syllabus,

4. Revised Postings from departments


HAPP100 – Survey of the US Healthcare System
ENME413 – (updated syllabus)
ENME477 – (updated syllabus)
ECON 280 – The International Economy

5.  APR’s that need to be assigned.  


Political Science