Minutes: December 2, 2021

Attendees:  E. Feeser, B. Spore, C. Hody, G. Williams, R. Sponaugle, K. Yi, S. Freeland, C. Cain, S. Young, L. Cazabon, K. Cole, B. Tighe, D. Wentz


Approved courses/programs:

Biology Minor (Program Change)

ENTR450 – (New) Design Thinking for the Entrepreneur

INDS Program Change

KORE309 – (Change) Korean for Professional Purposes

KORE310 – (Change) Korean Language in Social and Cultural Context

MATH301 – (Change) Introduction to Mathematical Analysis I

MATH306 – (Change) Geometry

MATH432 – (Change) History of Mathematics

Mathematics, B.A. (Program Change)

Mathematics, B.S. (Program Change)

MUSC161 – (Change) Diction: International phonetic alphabet/English/Italian

MUSC428 – (Change) Production Techniques for Media

Music Composition, B.A. (Program Change)

Music Education, B.A. (Program Change)

Music Minor (Program Change)

Music Technology, B.A. (Program Change)

SPAN307 – (Change) Historias, culturas y políticas de España

SPAN311 – (Change) Palabra y producción cultural de España

SPAN312 – (Change) Producciones culturales en las Amé


Sociology, B.A. (Program Change)

SPAN308 – (Change) Historias, culturas y políticas de Latinoamérica