Minutes: December 6, 2018

Approved Courses/Program changes:

BIOL421 – (New) Frontiers in Molecular Genetics

MLL316 – Japanese Language in Society (New)

HIST459 – (Change) JAPAN SINCE 1800

History Major Program Change

Minor in IS (Change)

ART347 – Writing For Media Arts (Change)

EDUC306 – Lifespan Human Development (Change)

EDUC311 – – Psychological Foundations of Education (Change)

EDUC388 – Inclusion and Instruction (Change)

Program change for School of Social Work

Approved initiatives:

Lower Division Certificate in Allied Health Preparatory Studies

Social Dimensions of Health- UDC


MCS499 – (Change) Capstone Senior Seminar

EDUC410 –  Teaching Reading in the Content Areas: Part I (Change)

EDUC411 – Teaching Reading in the Content Areas: Part II (Change)

EDUC412 – Analysis of Teaching and Learning (Change)

EDUC425 –  Methods of Teaching English in the Secondary Schools (Change)

EDUC426 –  Mathematics in the Secondary School (Change)

EDUC427 – Science in the Secondary School (Change)

EDUC428 –  Social Studies in the Secondary School (Change)

EDUC429 –  Methods of Teaching Modern Foreign Language in Secondary Schools (Change)

EDUC441 – Children’s Literature and Other Materials for Early Literacy (Change)

EDUC446 – Language, Literacy, and Intellectual Development of Young Children (Change)

EDUC447 – Teaching of Reading and Writing in Early Childhood Education (Change)

EDUC451 – Internship Seminar in Early Childhood Education (Change)