Minutes: November 17, 2016

Approved Courses

ECON280 – The International Economy

ECON280 – The International Economy (Syllabus)

ECON313 – Economics Internship

ECON320 – Elements of Quantitative Methods for Management (Change)

ECON374 – Fundamentals of Financial Management (Change)

ECON403 – Economic Growth and Cycles (Change)

ECON408 – Managerial Economics (Change)

ECON412 – Topics in Microeconomics (Change)

ECON421 – Introduction to Econometrics (Change)

ECON423 – Economic Forecasting (Change)

ECON433 – Urban Economics (Change)

ECON443 – History of Economic Thought I (Change)

ECON463 – Theory of Public Finance (Change)

ECON467 – Health Economics (Change)

ECON471 – Money and Capital Markets (Change)

ECON472 – Monetary Theory and Policy (Change)

Financial Economics

Economics and Financial Economics

Financial Economics – Computer Literacy Programming

GWST220 – Introduction to transgender Studies

GWST344 – Trans/National Femininities

PSYC305 – Exceptional Child (Change)

PSYC308 – Child Maltreatment (Change)

PSYC316 – Language and Thought (Change)

PSYC320 – Psychological Assessment (Change)

PSYC330 – Child Development and Culture (Change)

PSYCH342 – Psychology of Aggression and Antisocial Behavior (Change)

PSYC365 – Children with Disabilities (Change)

PSYC400 – Seminar on Developmental Psychology(Change)

PSYC407 – Advanced Child Psychology(Change)

PSYC409 – Development and Education(Change)

PSYC411 – Applied Behavior Analysis (New)

PSYC411 – Applied Behavior Analysis (New – Syllabus)

Tabled Postings:

GWST344 –  The committee shared their confusion with both the course title and course description and worried the course’s intention would not be apparent to potential students. The play on words indicated in Trans/national was met with some discomfort.